Earth & Sky Studio

Chelsea Reid is a filmmaker, artist, and author from Northern Ontario. She is a member of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, and recently completed her Master's of Art History at the University of Guelph studying digital networking and archiving of Indigenous Knowledge.

Her work highlights the fractal geometry of nature as a blueprint for existence, digital networking as a means of cultural preservation, and media history. Her areas of research include digital humanities, the social imaginary / ideological construction through the arts and general network theory.

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Living Trees and Networks: An Exploration of Fractal Ontology and Digital Archiving of Indigenous Knowledge

MA Thesis. Abstract:

Fractal ontology is a holistic philosophy by which interconnectedness can be described and visualized as the repetition of a naturally occurring complex pattern. Using mtig bemaadzid (the living tree) as a primary example of a fractal, this thesis analyzes the digital network as a fractal form of establishing connections. In this way, I suggest that fractal ontology is an extension of Akinoomaagewin (physical philosophy) that describes Indigenous arts and culture archives in the digital age that crosses the humanities and sciences, and foregrounds systems theory. Working with film and photographic processes in three case-studies, I reflect on archival film and hypermedia databases as strengths within the digital network, emphasizing the importance of reciprocal and collaborative practices. This thesis also highlights global information politics, as well as information sovereignty in relation to digital media and online platforms, as fundamental components of digital archiving for arts and culture.

Read article: Mtig bemaadzid / The Living Tree: Digital Archiving Through Film at MISHI


At the Moraine

Envisioning the Concerns of Ice

Icefjord Chelsea_edited.jpg

Filmed in Ilulissat Greenland, At the Moraine was an interdisciplinary conference that addresses the geopolitical conversation around glacial ice. It will be also be an upcoming mini-documentary and online interview series based on conference proceedings. The event was organized by Amanda Boetzkes and Jeff Diamanti that took place in Ilulissat, Greenland in June of 2019.

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