Skateboard Decks



This was a poster designed for a free Digital Mandala workshop that took place through the Digital Creator Timmins space at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre. The mandalas on the left hand side were created from the words Earth, Water, Air and Fire respectively, and will likely be made into a stand-alone piece in the future, through digital and analog processes like silk-screen and digital collage. The mandala on the right hand side is a version of my signature CA Reid.


Three variations of catalogue covers were offered to the Art History and Visual Culture Department at the University of Guelph for the Bachinski/Chu Print Study Collection Catalogue 2018. These pieces were designed in addition to managing the project as a whole where a team of twelve scholars wrote, edited, formatted and assembled entries and previously written essays into a book during two months in the Fall of 2017.

The images on the covers were chosen from the Bachinski/Chu Online Catalogue, a site that functions as a digital repository for all print media within the collection. Everything can be accessed through the hyperlink above. The work shown in the piece above are as follows: Don Carr, Alex Colville, Damien Hirst, Carl J.C. Heywood, Michel Leclaire, Pablo Picasso, Brent Laycock, Gene Chu, and Eduardo Paolozzi.

This cover design was created using an image from the catalogue titled Cousineau Still Life. The interesting thing about this work is that the artist is unknown, and by many standards a technically excellent piece of work. The colour palette and details within the scene deserve meticulous attention as much as any masterpiece by a renowned artist. The mystery itself is enough to create a sense of wonder.


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